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Hi, we're StartupScouts

We saw a need to make scouting easier — to simplify the process and give you more control. That’s why with, you get on-demand access to scouts with the right expertise and network to fill your investor dealflow funnel and to fill specialized roles for your startup expert recruiting. And you name the fee. The result is faster, simpler scouting and hiring, all from one platform. Refreshing, isn’t it? We thought so.

Why and What We Do

Startup Sourcing and Startup Expert Recruiting hasn't changed much in the last years, and we believe it's high time for a makeover.

Access specialized Scouts

Get your virtual and highly specialized scout network instantly. We do all the promotion, screening, vetting, and the most important community management that comes with that.

Name your Fee

Set the recruiting placement fee that works for your budget. Save money and skip the stress of negotiation. For startup intros (dealflow) you pay if you do a venture deal, and set a success fee you're and the scout is comfortable with.

Expand your Reach

Your returns start with access to the right deals. Work with our scout network to expand reach and your deal-flow to new geographies, up-and-coming knowledge and startup hubs, and under-the-radar startup communities and their insiders.

Hire faster Experts

As a venture builder, corporate innovator or even investor, provide your search to our scout network and then receive a shortlist of highly qualified applicants. We also help you to define the respective search profiles.

Diverse your scout pool

Diverse your scouts pool means also to diversify your deal-flow. Avoid bias with a wide set of scouts from all ethnic backgrounds, genders, ages, walks of life, and backgrounds.

Streamline your process

One scouting platform. One solution. One investor thesis and job submission process for instant access to multiple startup scouts and startup expert recruiters.

Startup Scouting, Building, Venturing is our passion and motivated us to build StartupScouts

Our mission is to simplify the sourcing process of startups and startup experts by making freelance startup scouts more transparent and accessible.

Startup and Venture Scouting is People Business

More quality deals and experts with less effort

In Three simple steps

When you sign up for StartupScouts, you create your company profile, specifying what you're looking for either as an investor in early-stage startups, or as a venture builder looking for startup experts. As comprehensive or as specific as you like. We'll then make sure everything you see is relevant to either your investment thesis or your recruiting.

Step 1
Build your profile Step 1

Browse our ever-growing, carefully selected network of Startup Scouts and rate their startup feed. If you come across a startup memo you like, ask the scout for the deck, or an personal introduction directly to the founders to learn more. To search for startup experts (candidates), submit your search profile to the Scout Network and set the recruiting placement fee.

Step 2
Discover Scouts Step 2

If you decide to invest in or work with a recommended startup, you pay the agreed-upon price to the scout. Similarly, for candidates you hire. StartupScouts will automatically facilitate the process.

Step 3
Get Deals & Candidates Step 3

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